Get divorce without lawyer
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Tulsa Divorce Mediation

Tulsa Divorce Mediation

Tulsa divorce mediation falls under the category of Alternate Dispute Resolution. ADR is defined as follows:

Alternate Dispute Resolution is defined under the Alternate Dispute Resolution Act of 1998 as:

For purposes of this chapter, an alternative dispute resolution process includes
any process or procedure, other than an adjudication by a presiding judge, in which a neutral third
party participates to assist in the resolution of issues in controversy, through processes such as
early neutral evaluation, mediation, minitrial, and arbitration as provided in sections 654 through

Tulsa Divorce Mediation is a subcategory of Alternate Dispute Resolution. ADR is essentially a category for techniques utilized to settle disputes. ADR is designed to settle issues or controversy in a conflict between two spouses outside of court. This saves the parties from costly and lengthy litigation.

The courts often prefer the parties to enter into mediation. This is a result of Tulsa divorce mediation being proven as an effective tool. Tulsa divorce mediation can result in an outcome which benefits all parties involved. The benefits to the court system is that it alleviates the court congestion in the dockets. Mediation happens out of court. The agreement made in mediation is then presented to the Judge for his permission and signature.

Tulsa divorce mediation has a high success rate in helping divorcing couples establish an agreement that they can continue to use after the divorce. Mediation allows the parties to develop their own terms for disputes. For issues such as distribution of property, child custody, spousal support; these all can be agreed upon before stepping foot in the court house.

How can I benefit from Tulsa Divorce Mediation?

That’s a great question! Give us a call and schedule an appointment with one of our mediators, whose goal is to craft the terms of your divorce in simple manner! We are very dedicated to providing you with amazing customer service, at the lowest possible rates! 

We invest in you before you invest in us! We want to take time to hear your concerns, calm your fears and help you see a pathway to peace!

Tulsa Divorce Mediation

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Low Cost Divorce Tulsa

Low Cost Divorce Tulsa

The money necessary for separation and divorce is usually frustrating! The actual monetary charges on it’s own is usually very expensive and can cost thousands! The emotional expense from the breakdown of marriage failure can certainly drain somebody! Depressive stress onsets and usually it takes decades for getting over the separation and divorce. Express Documents and Mediation, Inc. is designed to provide an inexpensive Divorce process for Low Cost Divorce Tulsa, a solution for those who are in need of separation and divorce.

High Cost of Tulsa Divorce (financial)

The monetary cost of a Tulsa divorce just to get a Tulsa divorce attorney or Tulsa divorce lawyer might vary from prices starting at $16500.00 up to $6,000.00 plus! This doesn’t account for the lost funds from the combined finances a married couple has access to!

Some financial considerations:

  • Losing property after divorce settlement 
  • Losing property because you sold assets to pay for your divorce
  • Losing income because you lost your job during divorce
  • Loss of Credit Score because of divorce
  • Legal costs
  • Lawyer Fees
  • Investigation Fees
  • Additional misc Fees (you can count on it!)

Low Cost Divorce Tulsa Option

In Tulsa, Claremore, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Broken Arrow, Skiatook, Wagoner, for a few examples, we have helped people with a Low Cost Tulsa Divorce solutions for well over 6 years! These services are built to lessen ALL of the previously mentioned costs that can occur from a Tulsa divorce! To get a low cost divorce Tulsa, please contact one of our offices. Our corporate office in Oklahoma City has an entire team dedicated to supporting our Tulsa office. We always have someone available for our customers.

There are several programs available that we give our customers! In the very beginning, we assist you by INSTANTLY eliminating lawyer fees! This program is engineered to assist you in settling a Tulsa divorce dispute out of court – versus using attorneys to argue back and forth in with Judge! Low Cost Tulsa Divorce is definitely a worthy option for ANYONE going through a Tulsa divorce! There are very few divorces we feel like we cannot assist! ****Ask us if there are any questions as to whether or not EXPDM can help. We are always willing to try!

We utilize various methods to coach the customer through the divorce process from beginning to end! Our methods are revolutionary techniques that we have tried and tested with great success. Our customers have enjoyed a great degree of success in assisting folks in solving tough problems that might have otherwise cost them $10,000.00 plus in legal fees! The time savings have been massive as well.

Low Cost Divorce Tulsa

Our office in Tulsa, Oklahoma can assist you! We offer a low cost divorce in Tulsa option for every dispute possible! We are extremely prideful of our 100% mediation success rate whereas disputing parties leave our office with an agreed divorce in Tulsa which they can live with and abide by!

Schedule an initial in office appointment with our Tulsa Divorce Mediation Team at your earliest convenience! We look forward to hearing your needs and helping you finalize your divorce.

On the fence about a divorce? Ask us about our Marriage Saving Outreach Program!

Get divorce without lawyer
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Tulsa Divorce – We Coach You Through The Process

Tulsa Divorce – Help When You Need It

Navigating through the Tulsa Divorce Process can be overwhelming. With so many steps, and many uncertainties, it’s nice to have help on your side! Express Documents and Mediation of Tulsa is here to help.

Tulsa divorce can be a challenging endeavor. The cost of a Tulsa Divorce Attorney is often so high that the average person can’t afford to pursue a divorce in Tulsa. EXPDM is built with cost in mind. Not only do we consider financial costs, but also emotional cost. Our process has been proven to lower the overall emotional cost of a divorce. This is partially true because of the fact that our process disables most of the aspects of a divorce that cause the most conflict.

It’s not often that a person wants to get a divorce. Doing so is certainly no easy task. It’s also a decision which shouldn’t be taken lightly. A marriage is a sacred contract. Whenever a person or couple decides that divorce is the best decision, it certainly is not an easy one.

We believe that a divorce is supposed to be a peace treaty. Instead, it’s normally the peak of conflict and becomes a war of its own. Our aim is to bring peace. Lasting peace. The peace we offer allows parents to cope with the divorce, to help their children cope with a divorce, and to avoid causing a lifetime of hate with the other party. Whenever a person spends thousands and thousands of dollars in a Tulsa divorce, that alone can cause lot’s of anger and bitterness.

I am thoroughly convinced, after 6 years of being a divorce mediator, that divorce itself is not the cause of post traumatic stress after a divorce, but rather, a lengthy, nasty and costly divorce war is the culprit.

Does Tulsa Divorce have to be brutal?

The answer to that question, is no. Tulsa divorce does not have to be suicidal. Tulsa divorce does not have to be a homicide or a robbery. Our program is diplomatic in approach. We seek to remove the people from the problem. Whenever we focus on the matter at hand, and not the spite, we are able to get to a position of peace and settlement. All too often, divorce litigation causes more harm than good. We seek to stop that.

We Coach You Through The Tulsa Divorce Process

We will coach you through the Tulsa divorce process. We have options such as:

  • Tulsa Divorce Planning
    • Before, during and after
  • Discovering Areas of Potential Disagreement
  • Destroying Areas of Conflict and Disagreement
  • Settling Disputes OUTSIDE of Court!
  • Where to file Tulsa Divorce
    • How to file Tulsa Divorce
    • How to schedule a court date with a judge
    • Step-By-Step Instruction

End the war. Begin the peace plan. Start a new life. These are goals that we seek from the very beginning of our process.

Tulsa Divorce